Introduction to Match the dealer

The game of blackjack has experienced tremendous growth in recent times. As such, many versions of the game have been developed. This was done to let players experience and enjoy the table game in many ways. This version of blackjack does come with additional features such as side bets, etc. Match the dealer is a type of side bet that you can find in some blackjack versions such as the world-famous Spanish 21. In this type of bet, you have to predict if your cards will equal the dealer's face-up card or both. So, if you want to know more about match the dealer, this article got you covered. You can visit our homepage for more information.

Rules and Payout

Even though the rules governing match the dealer bet differs from game to game, it is easy and straightforward still. For example, when you are playing some games, you will only have payouts for a suited or unsuited match, while in some games payout comes only for one or two matched cards. Also, the house edge in this bet is dependent on the number of card decks that are in play. One of the most famous online blackjack versions that feature this type of bet is the Pirate 21 designed by Betsoft, and it has six decks of cards in play. Also, Spanish 21 has six decks of cards in play but with it's 10s excluded. Check for more related articles.

We think it will be a great idea to know the payout that you can get from this type of bet. Even though it is not the most lucrative type of online blackjack bet, it still pays out well. Match the dealer has a low house edge of 3.5%, so you have more advantage over the casino. As such, you can rest assured that you may get back all your wagered money over a certain period. In Spanish 21 Blackjack, you can bet that a pair or two of your card will match with the dealer's card in rank or suit. For instance, a Queen match with a Queen only, or a two-match with a two.

To play, the player needs to place a bet on the Match the Dealer circle. The bet limit usually ranges from a minimum of $1 to a maximum of $1000. To place your bet, you need to choose from the usual Spanish 21 bets. The best payout differs from one another. Two suited pay twenty-four to 1, one non-suited and suited match pays 15 to 1, one suited match pays 12 to 1, two non-suited pays 6 to 1, and one non-suited match pays 3 to 1. Additionally, in Pirate 21, the dealer mostly hit on the soft 17, which put them at an advantage. However, you may decide to double or hit on split aces or even re-split.

Our Final Verdict

There is no doubt the blackjack is one of the casino games with the lowest house edge. The reason why most casinos introduced this Match the Dealer bet is to increase the house edge, thereby making more profits. Match the Dealer bet take players to a whole new level of entertainment. However, we will recommend that you stick to the original bet, and avoid additional side bet. This is because match the dealers bet will give you a low payout but frequent wins. Also, it increases the house advantage. However, if you want to have fun that won't affect your bankroll, then you can go for this side bet. Play it with the money you are willing to risk.

  • Placing bet on Additional side bets such as match the dealer is not dependent on any strategies but chance.

We have provided you with the basic fundamentals to get started with match the dealer side bet. We talked about the rules and payouts. Additionally, It is important that you understand the basic rules of the game as we have discussed in this article. As a quick reminder, we want to to know that the aim of the game is to predict if one or two of your card will match the cards of the dealer, either in rank or suit. If it matches, then you win the bet, otherwise, you lose. However, due to the difference in player's preference, we urge you to make in-depth research before deciding to opt-in for this additional side bet.